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Offering a range of services to help you harness the power of data and maximize the performance of your digital presence. Empowering businesses like yours to make informed decisions and drive tangible results through expertise in web analytics, implementation, testing, and more.

Analytics Implementation​

Leveraging expertise in seamless implementation and configuration of industry-leading analytics platforms, including Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. Services include:

  • Full Implementation of Google Analytics (including GA4) and Adobe Analytics
  • Custom tracking implementation to capture specific data points
  • Configuration of goals, events, and e-commerce tracking
  • Integration with other marketing and analytics tools
  • Cross-domain and subdomain tracking setup

Data Analysis & Insights​

Go beyond numbers and charts with data analysis and insights services delving deep into your data, uncovering meaningful insights that drive actionable strategies, improve performance, and maximize the impact of your digital initiatives. Services include:

  • In-depth data analysis and interpretation
  • User behavior analysis and segmentation
  • Conversion funnel analysis
  • Performance tracking and reporting
  • Customized insights and actionable recommendations

Website Testing & Optimization​

Uncover untapped potential and enhance user experiences through website testing and optimization. Identify areas of opportunity, develop effective A/B tests, and implement data-driven optimizations to boost conversions, engagement, and overall website performance. Services include:

  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • A/B and multivariate testing
  • User experience (UX) analysis and recommendations
  • Landing page optimization
  • Personalization and targeting strategies

Tag Management Solutions​

Streamline your tracking efforts with expertise in tag management solutions. Whether it’s Google Tag Manager, Tealium, or Adobe Launch, Sewell Digital Analytics ensures seamless implementation, organization, and customization of tags. This empowers you to centralize and optimize your analytics and marketing operations. Services include:

  • Tag manager setup and configuration
  • Tag deployment and maintenance
  • Third-party tag integration
  • Custom variable and data layer implementation
  • Enhanced tracking and tag debugging

Custom Tracking & KPIs​

Tailor your tracking approach to your unique business goals with custom tracking and key performance indicators (KPIs) services. Collaborating with you to define specific KPIs and implement custom tracking solutions, enabling granular insights into your digital ecosystem and facilitating data-driven decision-making. Services include:

  • Custom KPI identification and measurement
  • Event tracking setup for specific user actions
  • Custom dimensions and metrics implementation
  • Enhanced ecommerce tracking
  • Integration with CRM or other business systems

Tagging & Analytics Audits

Maximize the value of your analytics setup with comprehensive audits and recommendations. Evaluate your existing implementation, ensure data accuracy, compliance, and optimal configuration. Receive detailed recommendations to enhance tracking, reporting, and overall analytics capabilities. Services include:

  • Analytics setup and configuration audit
  • Documentation of implementation details, including tracking codes, variables, and custom configurations, to ensure transparency, knowledge transfer, and future reference.
  • Data quality and accuracy assessment
  • Custom tracking audit and validation
  • Reporting and dashboard review
  • Best practices recommendations for analytics implementation

Our Customers​

Trusted by Leading Brands and Organizations

“Combination of Expertise and Professionalism”​

I have worked with Marshall for about 9 months now and am very impressed with his combination of expertise and professionalism.  I sought technical assistance in Adobe Analytics and got that, but I’m also getting responsible, accountable, timely and caring support.  So much so that I have been comfortable having him interact with my client and he has been great.  I highly recommend him.

Gary Robinson​

COO, Lityx​

“Craftsman in the Area of Web Analytics”​

Marshall has been a part of our internal A/B testing team at Natural Life for over two years and I plan to continue working with him. What I appreciate most about Marshall is his quick response and ability to ask the right questions in order to maximize the impact of our testing roadmap. He’s a craftsman in the area of web analytics, A/B testing set-up, test goal tracking, as well as personalization and targeting strategies. I can recommend Marshall without reservation to any company looking to focus on analytics and conversion optimization. I’m thrilled we decided to partner with him!

Corte Swearingen

Manager of Conversion Optimization & Web Analytics, Natural Life​

“Knows GA Inside Out”​

I have had the pleasure of working with Marshall for over 10 years and can say he is one of the only people I actually trust with Google Analytics implementation and reporting. He has handled numerous projects for us, including setting up complex custom segments tailored to the nuances of our operations, as well as managing our migration to GA4. Marshall knows GA inside out and will always be our go-to. Highly recommended to any organization! 

Megan Burke

Chief Marketing Officer, eCornell​

“Invaluable Resource”​

Marshall Sewell has been an invaluable resource for myself and for Archer Education.  We have used him for years in our set up of GTM and GA4 on a wide number of diverse websites.  What he brings as a solution is years of experience with the platform, crossed with an exceptional understanding of the platforms he is working in.  This includes the capabilities of extracting descriptive elements about things like the campaign reporting and the DOM itself, but more importantly how to communicate that with a report that lends itself to benefit business goals.

John Oren

Senior Director of Web Analytics, Archer Education

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